@number10gov Shouldn’t we be asking G4S to pay the costs of deploying The Army?

Consider if a cowboy builder asked for money for the materials and labour for an extension, which collapsed and required you to rush-hire another more reputable builder to get the job done in time.

I would expect your response to be quite Andrew Mitchell.

In fact, I would expect you to sue for the extra costs incurred and for the inconvenience.

in what way was the foul-up by G4S, at the Olympics, any different, except in scale?

I would have hoped that the contract would have had quite severe time penalties and a failure to complete clause. I know that’s not normal for Government contracts, where the taxpayer foots the bill and the culprit receives an honour, but I’m just a householder and expected to be careful with my affairs. (caveat emptor etc.)

I would like to see G4S  being told that they have forfeited most of their payment through non-delivery and that the rest of their payment was being taken as punitive damages, with some going to the squaddies, who had to give up their well-earned leave to reside in abysmal lodgings, rather than their own mattressed beds, warmed by their loving spouses.

That’s what I’d like to see but being an old cynic, with an opinion of politicians that lists venality as one of their less obnoxious traits, I fully expect |G4S will get most of their payment, if not on this contract, then via a subsidiary on another contract, such as supplying training etc for the HS2


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