@BBCNews @Number10gov How many faces do you have to have, to be a politician?

The Nation is mourning the death’s of two young WPC’s.

How ironic that Government Minister’s are not only offering the greatest condemnation of these murders but they are trying to remind us of the debt we owe to the frontline personnel of this Service.

No-one voted for a smaller Police Force but this Force has been cut in numbers every year , with further cuts planned for next year

No one voted for more privately run groups being given police powers and police roles.

No-one voted that police pension funds be pilfered, wages cut and unpaid hours be extended.

Yet this is what these same Minister’s are doing.

Whilst declaring the debt that we owe these men and women, David Cameron and his newly re-formed Cabinet are forcing the frontline police, this very week, to consider that their no-strike agreement has been broken.

The debate over guns is being pushed, despite the fact these young officer’s didn’t have time, or cause, to brandish a gun.

The real debate is why we don’t have sufficient Officer’s to have conducted a Dragnet search of this estate, where it was believed that Cregan was being hid.

The last time we had large number’s of unemployed, we had a Copper on every street corner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKaHH-TSehQ). Cregan wouldn’t have lasted a day in the wild.

If we can afford to pay Billions for Greece’s public sector wage bill, then we can spare a few more coppers for an effective police service.

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