Hillsborough and the FA’s non – apology and gate receipts

The Hillsborough panel report says that the Sheffield Wednesday ground had no safety certificate.

It also said that in 1981 (Spurs v Wolves), fans were crushed in the same pens, with some injured.

The site was not used again until the 1987 clash between Leeds and Coventry.
Again people were injured by crushing in a ground that still had no safety certificate and which had actually put up further barriers.
After the 1988 match between Liverpool and Notts Forest, more injuries and more barriers, Liverpool wrote to the FA asking that the venue be switched to Old Trafford.
This was refused by the FA (Graham Kelly).
The FA had also refused to be involved in discussions about rendering grounds safe.
The FA had also arranged for Liverpool fans to allocated a smaller share of tickets for this match, despite the obviously greater numbers of fans who would wish to see the match.
The apology from the Chairman of the FA, David Bernstein, was disingenuous, to say the least.
To an disinterested reader it would appear that the FA was apologising merely for holding the competition.
To the uninformed observer, this would seem an unnecessary apology, a mere sop to the LFC fans.
I would hope that the other fans, of the clubs mentioned (many, of whom, suffered in the crushing), would feel the same aggravation at this non-apology, which seems to signal the intent of the FA to continue its disdainful disregard for the people who fund them.
The FA will, apparently, continue to refuse to acknowledge any responsibility for the effects of their decisions, forced on clubs and fans, despite reasoned argument.
The least that the FA should be doing is agreeing to ensure that grounds that they select, offer, not just a cut of the gate, but a safety certificate too.

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