Hillsborough has another myth: that the crush and the cover-up only began when the gates opened

This is a letter sent to the Daily Express but it was also a couple of tweets by trolls about circumstances prior to the gates opening that prompted my writing it.


It was good to read Stephen Pollard recount the details of the report on the cover-up by officials, after the gates were opened at Hillsborough.
Unfortunately in doing so, he perpetuates another myth, which is that opening the gates was the cause of the disaster.
From reports that I’ve read, over the years, and video’s released by those who were there, the opening of the gates merely transferred the problem from outside the gates to inside them.
Kettling of the crowd, outside had caused a crush, with people trying to climb out of the crush and others warning the police of potential death’s.
Once the gates were open, there was only one Stands entrance labelled as such.
The other two sections of the stands, which were caged off, had their own unlabelled entrances.
If there hadn’t been a crush outside, more may have filtered into the other two sections, avoiding the crush in the labelled and, sadly, caged-off stand.
Question’s need to be asked about why this kettling hadn’t happened the previous year, when crushing had also occurred.
The funneling of crowds, with consequent crushing, at the Leppings Lane end, had been reported to the F.A., with a request to transfer the match to Old Trafford, which was a suitably sized venue, with much better access.
The transfer, unfortunately refused by Graham Kelly, would have saved those lives and avoided another cause for people to mistrust those in charge of the Country.


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