MYSTART search engine and homepage hijacking

I had a problem with Incredimail, inserting and making MYSTART my home page.

This pig has caused me grief in the past, providing an easy access for more malicious software.

I had forgotten how I got rid of it but fortunately, this time around, found a forum message that said how.

It’s painfully simple.

On the browser (Mine is I.E.9) .

Go to “tools”  and click on “internet options”

The options open with the “general” tab and a window of the Url that the browser opens with.

In this case it’ll have “mystart” as your home page.

Highlight it and overwrite the url that you wish to use as your homepage (I use ) and click “apply” (if offered) and “OK “at the bottom.

Close and restart the Browser.


On the search bar,  there should be an icon that leads to the add-ons

My source had Firefox and used the G icon on the tool bar.

For mine, using I.E.9,  it’s the cog icon on the top right.

A drop down menu will come down, click “manage add ons”.  Click on “Search providers”  and disable any that you won’t use.  If “mystart” is there then right click and click on “remove “.

In my case it had hijacked “Bing” .

(This is microsoft’s search engine….. Obviously this has one of microsoft’s built in trapdoor’s, which hacker’s keep finding, necessitating another “urgent update”.)

Because microsoft had set it as default, I couldn’t “remove” it, until I had right-clicked another search engine and set that as my default.

The forum source had Firefox (so no microsoft trapdoor),  it was “manage my search engines”, which gave a list, that allowed him to highlight MYSTART and delete, click ok, close browser and restart.

I only wish other hijacks were as easy, or better that Microsoft didn’t sell, at an exorbitant price, such readily exploitable software.



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