Olympics are to blame for town centres dying ! or is Dinosaur Councils?

A recent story in the News is that a large proportion of shops in town centres are closing.

It’s not really News. It’s just an update claiming that it’s because people have stayed at home to watch the Olympics.

I suspect that it’s a bit of propaganda (aka spin) put out by number 10 to justify ennobling The Chief of LocogĀ  and giving him and Coe Government posts.

Others have blamed the large supermarkets and shopping centres, which provide free accessible parking, adjacent to the their out of town stores, where there is no traffic congestion

Having considered the problem of fuel costs sitting in a traffic jam (10p/min.), the rip-off parking charges and fines for over-stayin, then taking into account the problem of lugging any sizeable purchase the half mile to the nearest car park, I think I’m on the side of the second group

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