cold calling, ambulance chasing parasites forcing up my insurance premiums, with political blessing.

Nearly a year ago, I had a woman reverse her car into mine . My car was written off by the Insurance Company( Cost of repair > value of car).

Apart from the momentary panic and subsequent aggravations of phoning and form-filling, which aren’t allowed for in insurance claims, my wife and I had no other problems.

I was able to retain my car, which a friend fixed up, so I didn’t have the expense of buying a “new” used car with a dealer’s in-built profit margin. (factor’s which should be offset against the insurer’s “policy excess”).

For a long time after, I received cold calls (even though ex-directory) from ambulance chasers.

Eventually I yielded and let one ear-hole me.

I was informed that there was sum set aside from the claim for my personal discomfort, which could be between £1000 and £3000 per occupant, and that I needn’t do anything but , effectively, ask for it.

I consented (I only got £660 for my car) and was passed to a senior something-or-other.

I didn’t have all the details, so she would ring me back.

When she rang back, she had the details and I was then informed that, subject to my completing the necessary forms that would be sent to me, by an even more senior something-or-other that, as we had been wearing seat belts, we would be entitled to the full £6000 for discomfort caused by those seatbelts.

At this point I observed that I hadn’t really noticed the seatbelts, or any discomfort, and I learned that this was the basis of the compensation.

I, subsequently stated that I was not prepared to lie.

My correspondent suggested that, as the forms would have to be filled in by both myself and my wife, she would let me have a chance to talk to my wife and she would call back later.

I related the conversation to my wife and, contrary to what I expect my cold-caller had anticipated, my wife didn’t try to persuade me to tell a lie, she immediately grimaced at this suggestion and, as I expected, agreed to decline their offer.

Hopefully, the call-back conversation will result in the promised offer to remove my name from the list.

I could so easily have rationalised the “need” to lie:-

The things I wasn’t compensated for, as mentioned above.

The way the Insurance companies scam you, when it’s time to make a claim.

The fact this post-Thatcher Americanisation of our culture was driving up the insurance premiums, which I, as a domesticated prole and motorist, was, by Statute, obliged to pay.

I resent that politicians of all parties have accepted this creeping right-wing culture of greed and selfishness, emanating from America.

What is espoused as the rugged individualism of the pioneer spirit, where only the gutsy, up and at’em, dog eat dog stomp on the other man’s hand survived, is not what made America great.

American pioneer spirit was one of neighbourliness, “helpmeets”, Christian morality and the sentiments expressed on Ellis Island.

What we’re getting is the lie that the American people have been battered with, until many actually believe that they are poor because they are unworthy.

That if only they worked harder, they, too, could afford proper hospitalisation and have the right, nay! moral duty, to despise those trailer trash types.

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