According to @bbcnews, on TV,the paralympics is the only News allowed to be shown

After watching BBC Breakfast News for eons and seeing nothing but paralympics coverage (and local news) , I tried the BBC News Channel. According to the BBC, nothing is happening anywhere.

I tried Russia Today and found that there is a world with 600 million people not involved in the paralympics.

issues covered, included: fracking, hybrid cars, austerity protests in Spain (strictly verboten on BBC News), islamic extremism the stock markets et al.

A section called the Keiser Report lasted a long time and although it was an annoying, almost rabid, American political commentator, he covered most topics that Americans would find of interest. Actually I found it a refreshing cnage to hear people talking about the effect of having de-regulated  the markets and banks; another item which seems to be suppressed on British News.

I flicked back to Sky News to see people hyping a film that they wanted to sell. Back to BBC and they’re covering the nomination of that famous tax dodger and well known plutocrat, Mitt Romney.

The other big News is BBC’s own puffery for its big money earner Dr. Who……This is a NEWS Channel??????????

TV News consists of Adverts, own channel puffs, Gov’t approved distractions (e.g. Olympics), with no coverage of bad News such as anti-European protests and death throes of the Euro, protests about the banking sector, closure of Remploy (sorry about selling off your workplace but watch the paralympics instead) the zero growth Economy, Syria and N. Africa generally, Criminals laughing at their nonsense punishments, the destruction of Policing, NHS Postal Services and everything else being lined up for privatisation.

Newspapers needn’t worry about this media supplanting it but perhaps twitter might be the  big alternative as people converge on the News tweets that interest them.

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