It’s only Science, if it’s proveable and testable @number10gov

Much as I despise the views of most Republican Senators and much as I find laughable, their comments on Scientific issues, I have to take issue with those belittle them for not accepting the Anthropogenic view of Global Warming.

There are too many out there, who proclaim Man’s sin of destroying the Planet, as though they know any more about the issue than a Republican Senator.

There are too many out there, earning a living off the back of this Cassandra prophecy.

Perhaps the World is warming.

Perhaps it is our fault (Although our efforts compare to those of termites, ungulates and vulcanism  to the same extent as a mouse trying to rape an elephant).

Perhaps our efforts are the tipping force.

Perhaps this World will turn into a huge desert with a smaller land area than at present.

Whatever the truth, there is no Science that definitely predicts this outcome, or can be used as a basis for this prediction.

I, consequently, have a problem with climatologists and their almost religious denunciation of anyone who doesn’t accept their creed, in chapter and verse.

How about a Scientific analysis of what Kyoto has achieved and what The proponents of the “Science” of Climatology are likely to achieve, apart from pushing up my fuel bills and causing the deaths of a few more UK pensioners.

That The UK Government with its 0% economic growth can tie us to policies, which have little hope of counterbalancing the Carbon footprints of China and India with their 8%  economic growths (and a seeming desire to burn every single molecule of fossil fuel before the year’s end) is facile.

These “Eco-Warrior’s” may have good intentions and may even have a slight understanding of the issues but they need to be reined in before, like all fanatic ideologues, they stumble into the realm’s of Fatwa’s and heretic burning.

Their case hasn’t been proven, no matter how strident their ayatollah’s, nor has it been disproven.

I don’t believe that Climate change is human driven, or that it is a runaway train.

However, even if it is so, UK politicians won’t stop that runaway train, by chucking UK pensioners on the rails.


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