I like this blog http://thepolicedebatingdirective.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1

This man is obviously intelligent and has obviously researched his topics.

My reading of his blog  suggests that he is finding that a lot of what’s going on at the top levels of policing has been made suspect, as politicians scramble to get their nose’s in the privatisation trough’s.

To an extent this has created an edge to his testimony but that doesn’t negate his truth.

His concern’s are from a working copper’s point of view of The Police being upholders of morality as well as upholder’s of The Law and that Police should be moral and ethical.

Unfortunately, The Police are not run by people of the same metal. They are run by politicians, who are largely amoral, but will soon be run by privateer’s, who are inclined to be immoral (or at least asocial).

More people need to speak up about their perceptions (whether, or not, they be valid) of what’s wrong with their immediate sphere of experience.

We may not change the World but at least we can try.

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