@Number10gov Whilst Tories are want to privatise the NHS on the U.S. model, Obamacare is taking The USA in the opposite direction i.e. “Gov’t FOR the people”

This is a piece from Fullermoney, giving cause to hope that Obamacare is going to make it, showing that the U.S.A. has finally picked up the notion it’s not just Government of the people, by the people. It’s also Government FOR the people.

Our Gov’t (UK) has always had a Government of the masses, by the right sort of people for their own ends.  It was only the fear of Communism that forced the 1% to allow a Government that was of, by and for the people.

Since Glasnost, They have been trying to restore the situation prevalent in Victorian England and Bush’s America.

Maybe Obamacare will give them pause for thought.

 From Fullermoney:

Who is going to win the presidential election?

 You might want to ask Mark T. Bertolini. He just bet $5.7 billion on President Obama.

 Mr. Bertolini is the chief executive of Aetna, which on Monday agreed to acquireCoventry Health Care, a huge provider of Medicare and Medicaid programs. His $5.7 billion bet makes a lot of sense if you believe that the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obamacare – will not be repealed.

 Mitt Romney has pledged to repeal the act “on my first day if elected,” so any gamble that Obamacare stays intact could be fairly described as a wager that President Obama will remain in office…………………

Mr. Bertolini of Aetna insisted on Monday that the deal was not dependent on who wins the White House. But he has to say that. If he believed Mr. Romney was going to win and he still wanted to buy Coventry, he would have waited until after the election and bought it at a sharp discount.


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