@Daily_Express NHS Tourists are a Police problem not an excuse to privatise the NHS.

Mr. Pollard rightly condemns NHS tourists but wrongly chides the NHS for having a “free at point of delivery system”.

He implies that the demand to keep this basic element of the NHS is incompatible with preventing these foreigners exploiting our health service.

He calls on our aversion to being ripped off by  foreigners, to agree to destroy the basic concept of The NHS, so that even more greedy foreigners can rip us off.

He wants to have the element that we see in films from America, where a no-nonsense harridan demands proof of identity and pre-signed blank cheque, before her hospital will accept a dying man/woman/child as a patient.

Put another way, he wants us to allow hospitals to take another step towards privatisation on the American system (presumably it’s American companies that will be gifted these NHS hospitals).

His core assumption is false.

You don’t have to have a system of demanding payment upfront (in America you get told to hike up the road to the free Hospital and “don’t spill any blood on our floor”).

Payment and treatment are two distinct and separate issues.

If the State wants payment from these people, have immigration officers take their passports off them and, if necessary have them taken into custody to be charged with fraud.

Shylock should cut out his own pound of flesh, not demand that doctor’s and nurse’s do it for him.


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