#occupy Tweet Storms as a form of petition E.g.”Free Bradley Manning Petition”

It occurred to me, after listening to Assange call for the release of Bradley Manning that we could create an ffective immediate response petition by mounting a tweet storm, with The #tweetstorm and the twitter name of the person needing to receive it.
E.g. @BarackObama. “Free Bradley Manning Petition” #TweetStorm.

Strangely, when I read Columnists pieces about Assange, they start of with the usual official line about a rapist surrendering to the rule of law and slide slowly into an acknowledgement that he’ll probably be arrested and shipped to Guantamo, or its equivalent.

Ditto with Occupy; they start off with the unwashed hippy tree-huggers and international commie terrorist bit before sliding into phrases, which seem to indicate that they hope the occupy movement succeeds in redressing the encroaching curtailment of Civil Liberties and the introduction of oppression and a new underclass.


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