@WilliamJHague From the heights of post Olympic euphoria to the depths of Global censure. Thanks!!

Wednesday night we went to bed with the announcement that the Olympics had been a great success.
The UK had drawn worldwide plaudits.
Brits felt proud and happy etc.
The cautionary note was that many Brits felt that the Euphoria wouldn’t be long lasting.
Cue William Hague.
By Thursday night, any elevation of The UK’s profile had been stomped down by Little Willy’s threat to force entry into the Ecuadorian Embassy, using a law that had been passed in response to the callous murder by Gaddafi’s Libyan Embassy staff of WPC Fletcher.
The rights, or wrongs, of the Assange extradition are not relevant (and certainly not comparable to the case mentioned). What is relevant is that Little Willy has strutted the World Stage and made Us (TheĀ  people of The United Kingdom and Northern Ireland) look pompous, aggressive and prepared to act against international treaty.
Indeed it’s strange that a member of this Government considers that national law is subservient to European treaty law but superior to International Law.
We now have Ecuador’s supporter’s, such as Russia and Iran, able to take the moral high ground.
We now have, through Ecuador’s echoing of Argentine accusations that we are a Colonialist power, a situation where many S.American countries will be drawn together in support of Ecuador and Argentina.
We now have an excuse for any rogue state to allow its troops/police to enter any British Embassy and claim that Little Willy had given them the right to do so.
Indeed, such an argument could be used to invade any embassy, particularly those closely aligned with us, such as The French, which would cause them to love us even more than they do.
A week is a long time in politics but what a change in 24 hours.

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