@Number10gov Pearson College and privatisation… I predict.

I have no problem with Pearson running a fee paying college, providing it isn’t taxpayer backed.

My concern is that this isn’t simply another phony credential course supplier but the Gov’t’s stalking horse for privatising State Education.

Pearson is a supplier of schools. see http://pearsonschools.in/

As can be seen on this site:

 Pearson has more than 130 million students worldwide in over 60 countries.

Pearson Schools is the fastest growing chain of schools in India with 27 schools in 17 cities and over 15,000 students across India, so far.

I only came across, because I was watching BBC’s Newsnight, after midnight.

Their spokesman was effectively being given a free TV plug, without any counter to his sales pitch that the poorest children in India were entitled to a good education. A true but irrelevant argument for privatising what should be provided by the State, at cost (i.e. without someone scraping off the jam).

The BBC Main News coverage must have been the eny of every private college in the country.

Why was this so blatant?

My conclusion is that the Tories are moving ahead full speed with privatisation, so that when Labour gets into power, Ed Miliband can claim that he has been met with a fait accompli .

This is total rubbish, of course, as he could announce before hand that he will not honour any contracts with the privateers. That he won’t do this (for fear of a non-existent voter backlash or whatever) is because he / Labour and Dave / Tory are doing a Mutt and Jeff act on this issue.

I expect that very soon we will hear that Pearson has “won” contracts with many of the Primary schools that have been coerced into becoming Academies. Shortly after, there will be Ofsted’s with rave reviews and announcements that Pearson is taking over other “failing” schools.

Two years down the line, we’ll be told that these schools are underfunded and have had to impose parking charges etc., take in advertising sponsorship  and fallen foul of a badly flawed PFI. necessitating Gov’t bailouts.



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