@BTCare my response to your helpline, as promised

I’ve not had any reason to be happy with my BT Broadband, since moving from Virgin Media, except that it is more affordable (providing I don’t ask for a home visit).

Having tweeted my disgust, through my blog The BTCare people have tried to advise me with limited success. Their latest effort to bridge the gulf between BT’s PR and its technical service asked me to contact this website https://bt.custhelp.com/app/contact_email/c/4953

It is, unfortunately, another one of those proforma sites. So I filed this report and advised the @BTCare of this blog, so they could read it. (I’ll also blog the resonse from the Tech’s when I get it. I anticipate a suggestion that I get my chequebook out, or to take an O.U. course in Telephony.

Thank you for your enquiry. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. Please make a note of your enquiry reference number and use it in further correspondence.

Your enquiry reference number: 120815-005864

I have been tweeting to @BTcare, trailing my litany of woe, as I try to obtain a satisfactory set-up. They asked me to contact you. So I’ll recap my story. I saved the £130 (20 mins.) reconnection charge for my  opensearch box and was told to fit my broadband up myself. I eventually realised that my desktop wasn’t wireless enabled, so bought a wireless adapter ( Edimax EW7711 UMn ) but there was a dispute between your software and it and Windows software, so it’s now back in its box. (according to your forum there are many with similar difficulties with the BThomehub3, who resolved it by reverting to the homehub2 or by using Netgear). I have connected up using the two landline ethernet adapters that were sent. My Homehub3 is connected to the Homewsearch box by its adsl line in one of the filters that I was sent. this filter has a splitter taking one line to my main phone and the other to an extension, which has the other filter fitted. My laptop, at less than 2m from the hub, was able to download via the optimum wireless channel an Adobe update at 118 kbps. My desktop spat out an email carrying a wmv file because as it transferred from my BT Yahoo to my windowsMail account, it was so slow the software shut down on it. I checked my download speed on your home hub home and found that the best that could be managed was a 1.2Mbps compared to the original 17Mbps originally estimated and the 0.118 Mbps that my laptop achieved. I’m not interested in paying one of your tech’s £130 to tell me it’s my fault, so unless you have a magic wand or a more practicable solution, I’ll just see my 12month contract out and go back, tail between my legs, to Virgin.


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