@TheGreenParty Cat toys need to have tiny random movements if you want to protect wild birds

Cat toys tend to be static.

Why? cats don’t play with dead animals.

They are hunter’s and play with things that test their hunting skills.

Many cats will kill wild birds and then leave them alone once they are dead. (a domestic cat usually has to be hungry to bother plucking and eating a dead bird.)

My contention is that if cat toys more closely emulated the behaviour of  live prey, they’d be less likely to go after wild birds.

It is possible to create a circuit that randomly activates a toy bird, moth etc.

It doesn’t have to race around, draining its battery.

It could even be solar powered and made to make slight twitching motions, or move short distances.

It could, possibly, be made to emit a slight sound, when batted by a cat’s paw.

Any entrepreneur’s out there, looking for an idea that could take off and , if my guess about predation is correct, get approval by twitcher’s et al.



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