Thanks Martin’s moneytips,Uswitch and Virginwine

When I switch Fuel suppliers, I use a link through Martin’s Moneytips and Uswitch, so as to pick up a box of wines (so far nice ones). On this occasion, when I tried to post my codes to order the wine, the website took me off to the sign-in page, then dumped me back, with my order on the wrong page, without making it clear until it thanked me for letting it take £60 from my account.

This sort of thing happens a lot on line (too often) and always without recourse, except to try and locate a “contact us”.

Usually you’re given a premium rate number to dial, or if you’re lucky an email connection (no address, as you might have a record on your own email page).

Even this is usually hedged in with demands to try their FAQ’s page first. (This usually results in 15mins of wandering around a maze of pages that eventually lead you back to the “What can we sell you” page.

If you do have a free telephone connection for Customer relations, it’s usually a menu connection. If you’re lucky one of the choices actually fits your query. More likely it doesn’t and there isn’t even an option of speaking to a human. After two or four menu deviations, you may then be informed that your call is valued by them but you need to hang around for a human.

If you’are lucky, you don’t fall asleep, go demented with the music and frequent “you’re call….” messages and get bounced off for not responding in time.

If you’re lucky the person is an intelligent authorised person as opposed to a scripted moron, who asks you the same inane questions as the webpage (probably sitting in front of the same fouled up FAQ screen that drove you nuts.).

Having already gone through this with Virginmedia, who also demand passwords and personal information know only to you and every other on-line organisation that you have had to deal with. (Honestly, is there anyone in the country, who doesn’t know my mother’s maiden name?). And  (I know this is a grammatical no-no) having recently switched from Virginmedia to BT, partly because of this, I fully expected Virgin Wine to be of the same ilk.

I sent off irate emails to Uswitch and Virginwine (missed obvious clue that I found both email addresses easily).

I then checked the 0830 number and found that it was actually a local call rate (second clue) and rang them.

Within about 20 seconds I was talking to a human, who was quickly able to find my details having only asked for my post code and confirmed my name and address.

Following day the wine arrived along with an emailed apology.

I replied to the email with:

The wine has just been delivered.
I was aggravated by yet another website that takes you away from a page (in this case to log-in) and then dumps you back on another page, because the webmaster hasn’t checked his system. There never seems to be any on-line means of a quick resolution, because it is always assumed, falsely, that the system is perfected.
I was particularly irked because I have just switched from Virginmedia to BT, because of this assumption. (and because the customer service seems to have the same mentality).
I am pleased that the phoned communication was a local call, non-keyboard,non-queue and had an actual person on the other end, rather than a telesales drone.
 Thank you, again.

Perhaps if less organisations were like VirginMedia (and many other overlarge organisations) and more were like the family business / customer friendly model, there’d be fewer of us Grumpy Old Men.

(that makes me a GOM)

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One Response to “Thanks Martin’s moneytips,Uswitch and Virginwine”

  1. Andrea Says:

    It’s hard to come by well-informed people in this particular subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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