October: the Olympics will be over and the inmates will return to run the Nut House.

A fuller-money reader suggested that with UK long term bonds due to complete, the price of UK houses will fall. I don’t get the connection but I can see London house prices falling when the Olympics end.

My musing’s are rambling and imprecise but here they are, anyway……

I expect all the restrictions on ordinary Londoner’s/commuter’s will remain in place, maybe, even, the Zil lanes.

Hotels, B&B’s and short term lets will find their incomes nose-diving because they’ve over-priced their traditional punter’s into looking elsewhere.

E.g. why travel to London’s West End when other large cities have similar shows, cheaper, more convenient and more accessible.

There’s also the accommodation used by the athlete’s that will be coming onto the market.

If the income of the hotelier’s drop, then so will that of their supplier’s and cut-back staff.

The effect will ripple out amongst the lower echelon’s of Society, who finding Housing expensive and Commute either too tiring, or too expensive, will sell up and look elsewhere for their livelihood.

As the lower echelon’s move out, price’s within London will rise further, because (the Rich never get this) those, who can afford to stay, rely on competition amongst the lower echelons¬† to keep prices down.

Conversely, The rich will still be wanting their floors cleaned, their food cooked, their ego’s massaged but will have to outbid each other for the service’s available.

The middlemen, the manager’s of the interface between the Rich and the Lower Echelon’s, are the one’s who will lose out. After down-sizing their staff, they will have to downsize their own accommodation and consider a longer commute.

To top all this, I’m awaiting October watchfully. I can’t recall why but I fully expect the Euro to hit the fan then.

It could be something to do with Parliament re-sitting.

Maybe Dave and his chums will have come up with some more half-baked idea’s to get us deeper in the mire, that will cause a run on the Pound and make the Drachma look solid.

Probably something like a national I.D. card, disguised as a national Oyster card and costing £50 per month.

Perhaps a tax on all businesses, employing less than two people. (to encourage small businesses to do their bit to reduce unemployment levels. In fact why no have a register of all businesses with less than 50 employee’s and dish out all the unemployed to them to provide full employment. No need for Big Business’s (to worry, they already do their bit)

No Good !¬† I’m trying to think of really stupid idea’s but I’m sure Nick , Dave and Ozzy already have much better ones.

On the bright side, The Mayan’s could have got it right and by 12th December, no-one will be worrying about house price’s , at all.



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