@number10gov How about recognition of the dedication of efforts of those who missed out on the medals?

After the delirious joy of those claiming Olympic medals, it was somewhat unnerving to see the interviews of some of those who missed out.
One competitor was ruing the time and dedication that had caused him to neglect family and friends for two years preparation and was repeating a litany of how he had let his family down, he’d let his friends down etc.
His despair was painful to watch and left me wondering if athletes had counselling resources available.
National recognition for the long-term efforts put in by these men and women would be a small payment for the glory reflected on the Nation by the more successful amongst them.
The O.B.E. is a Nationally recognised award, which might be commonplace in Whitehall but is a rarity amongst the rest of the populace, and would possibly ease the pain of the near-winners and the likes of Paula Radcliffe.
It would not be too much to award, in Jubilee Year, to every member of team GB and would ensure that they too would feel the uplift given to the nation’s morale.

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