GB medal tally is extraordinary.

I don’t know how long it will last for but GB is third in the Olympics medal tables.
Despite the selling off of our school playing fields, the closure of so many sports facilities, the destruction of Olympic size swimming pools and the end of many subsidised facilities, we seem to be faring better than we have ever done in any Olympics.
We seem to be pulling above our weight, in that we have 4.6% the population of China but 61% of their medal total.
We have 20% the population of the USA but 62% of their medal tally.
Maybe it’s just that those countries are underachieving, perhaps just biding their time, but we are even outstripping the Germans, who always seemed more geared up to sports than ourselves.
While we’re number crunching, I’m sure Europhiles will point out that the U.S.E. is totalling over 100 medals, although I would counter that, by saying that if you take us out of Europe and place us where we belong, The British Commonwealth would have a much greater tally than the remnant U.S.E.

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