Why do TV progs keep re-hashing the thesis that Tyrannosaurs were scavengers?

TV in search of new shock, horror themes and palaeontologists in search of funding keep throwing the thesis at us that tyrannosaurs were scavengers.

It’s getting “old”.

If Tyrannosaurs were simply scavengers then either there were other species making the kills, or all the animals died of old age.

The last is unlikely because of the convergent evolution principle.

These alternate predators were able to kill the huge herbivores by being pack hunters, or they were large predators themselves.

Either way they should have been able to take on Tyrannosaurs.

So we have a large dinosaur that couldn’t kill its own prey but was able to defend itself (they were around for a very long time).


Was it so fast it could run away?

Were other predators unable to attack it from behind?

Is there any evidence of Tyrannosaurs being attacked by anything other than bigger Tyrannosaurs?

I look at pike and crocodiles and wonder why Tyrannosaurs puny arms are considered to be a significant failing.

The clincher is supposed to be that they had an exceptional sense of smell like hyena’s.

Okay, hyena’s prefer an easy meal but they are still predator’s. and, anyway, so do lions.

Tyrannosaur’s are always pictured in desert terrain. Is that because their bones are found in modern desert terrain?

Personally, I suspect that Tyrannosaurs were jungle predators and attacked from ambush like pike, crocs and kimodo’s.

Also, if they were jungle predator’s then smell would be their most important sense.

If they were ambush predators, then small arms may have been an advantage in allowing a more open vista for the huge head attacking through brush.

Thinking about it; how many predators use their forelimbs in an attack?

How many large predators do we find in modern deserts? (even the Namib lions prefer the peripheral regions).

Someone found that they must have had a good sense of smell and posited the idea that this meant that they were scavengers.

I suspect that this would have happened, not because the researcher actually believed the theory, but, because, since the bean-counters took over deciding who gets research funding, the researcher knew that such sensationalism would attract more funding for him to conduct his hobby.



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