Twits insisting the third verse of the National Anthem to be sung at The Olympics points out that we need a new British Anthem.

One consequence of this confusion of identity, through devolution and the rise of Nationalist feeling is that some British athletes are refusing to sing the National Anthem.

No disrespect to Her Majesty, but it is a trite song created from the jingosm of the Victorian Music Halls (apparently derived from a Scottish hymn).

It maybe should be kept for State, or Ceremonial occasions, when we wish to assure Johnny Foreigner that we aren’t being aggressive; particularly in the presence of our Queen. (not sure about Charles)

The National Anthem doesn’t stir the emotions, especially when the twits of the Olympic committee insist on adding the banal third verse.

Men of Harlech, Scotland The Brave, Land of Hope and Glory, The Marseillaise, Deutschland Uber Alles are all stirring tunes that encourage the tribalism and emotional impetus to do well in sporting events and other contests..

If we are to have a British song, for the Olympics, then let’s have something that commemorates our joint efforts in two World Wars and the creation of The British Empire.

It needs to be something that can be sung with gusto, with rising crescendo’s.

Something that says “we’re better than you”.

But for God’s sake don’t let it be some be a wishy-washy, discordant diplomatic piece of poetic nonsense, like so many modern foreign national anthems; ” we like our country it has nice hills, a lovely wise leader, we’ll be nice to visitor’s”.

It shouldn’t a “Youf” inspired piece; especially Rap style rubbish.

It shouldn’t be a mismatch like “the Star spangled banner” , which has a great tune but crippled lyrics that most have difficulty remembering and often makes a mockery of the centrepiece of “The Superbowl”.


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