@BBCscience @OpenUniversity When is a Scientist not a Scientist? When he tells lies to sell his subject.

I’ve just watched BBC2 prog on “Secrets of Nature” (an O.U. collaboration).
I found it quite interesting the way it connected fiddler crabs and tigers.

However I was annoyed by use of words like “remarkable” and, more especially,  “need”.

Admittedly, not as bad as US. nature progs., where every statement is a bullet point punctuated by Oooh’s and Aaaah’s,  accompanied by drum-roolls, or musical crescendo’s.

But it is unsatisfactory to have someone fronting for these organisatiobns (BBC and O.U. ) saying, as if it were a fact, that fiddler crabs “need” tigers and vice versa.

This sort of thing denigrates scientific truth and puts Biologists on par with Climatologists and Astrologers.

If fiddler crabs ceased to exist, would tigers become extinct? NO!
If we shot all the Tigers, would the fiddler crabs vanish from the Earth? No!

There is an interesting, slightly contrived, connection  between them  but it isn’t even an interdependency.

So why hype the connection?

Why tell lies?

Science is wonderful, when it is truth.

Science is putrefied by turning it into a National Enquirer article.
Shame on the BBC.

Shame on the O.U  and double shame on the Biologists, who quietly acqwuiesced to this prostitution of Science, because noodle headed Politicians have said that Science needs to be more glamorous.

The glamour of Science is that it doesn’t rely on belief, it relies on verifiable truth.

You can rely on Science not to tell you lies.

Any Scientist who perverts the truth loses his/her right to be called a Scientist.


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