Getting the right to vote isn’t the same as winning your freedom, or even the same as living in a Democracy.

The Barons never lost control.

Magna Carta transferred it to them from The King. It kept everyone else as slaves.

It was The French Revolution and The Age of Reason that led to the common man getting the upper hand in Australia, Canada and The States. That’s why the State’s were able to revolt and break free.

We began creeping back towards rule by the Powerful in the Victorian Age and it was only the fear of Communism affecting the common man in WWI trenches that freed us from anti-trade union laws etc. and ended the “Red under the Bed” witch hunts of McCarthyism in the States.

As soon as we got Glasnost all the legisalation has lurched towards putting us back in our places.

At best, most of us live under a paternalist Government.

That’s why  Occupy is springing up as a Global movement and why Government’s will try to infiltrate and subvert it into a perceived threat to what they would have us call Democracy (basically most countries have, in effect, a two-party Oligarchy).

It seems that it is only the threat of Bloody revolution that causes the powerful to loosen the reins and allow us to believe that we live in a Democracy.

The situation in North Africa gives strong support to this view, with the Egyptians being allowed to vote but with the powerful trying to retain actual power. The same will be seen in Syria and Afghanistan. Enfranchisement as a substitute for freedom. The Barons replace The King and the people stay underfoot.



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