Banker’s don’t need to regain the Public’s trust. The Public needs to regain the Banks.

A spokesman, on TV, stated that Banker’s need to regain the Public’s trust.

This is a false statement, because it implies a public relation’s exercise and leads us down the road of “business as usual”

I.e. Banker’s continue to be greedy, relying on the corruption of politicians, the schmoozing of the Media and the purchase of “Good” stories.

Regaining public trust is viewed as a con job.

What banker’s need, is to be subjected to Public control. (screams of horror from 1%-ers). At present Banker’s and their shareholder’s have only one guiding principle “maximise profit”.

They need to be made socially reponsible.

Previously this was something that permeated Society and banker’s strove to retain their respectability and the respect of their peers, by at least pretending to be moral and socially responsible.

That situation won’t return unless forced by an external agent to replace Church-going. Such an agent would have to arise from a popular moral movement, which is outside of any particular religion.

Such a change could be initiated by legislation but there is a limit to what politician’s will do to restrain the paymaster’s.

The only alternative is via the boardroom.

This means that people with the know-how need to combine and encourage a popular movement, which can buy a controlling interest in the banks (one at a time) and set a moral policy on them that moderates the profit motive.

The “Bank of Dave”  has shown that Banker’s and politicians have closed ranks to prevent the formation of new banks, that leaves “capture” of existing banks as the way forward.


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