@Daily_Express All drugs are dangerous but some are legal.

I have to agree with Stephen Pollard (Daily Express).

It is ridiculous to consider any drug safe.

By definition, a drug interferes with the normal body chemistry and affects the intended functioning of organs.

Even substances such as sugar, can, in excess, foul up the the normal function. (In this case the Pancreas begins producing extra insulin).

Some drugs are poisons that can cause damage, particularly in the Liver, which tries to deal with them. Examples are paracetamol and alcohol.

Some replace natural secretions, suppressing the body’s ability to produce them and leading to addiction.

Most drugs have side effects, which we only become aware after numerous people have suffered from them. E.g. It was a long time before it was realised that Aspirin was causing damage by internal bleeding.

I’m not worried by proscribed drugs.

I am worried about prescribed drugs.

Drugs such as Statins.

Promoted at Governmental level,  apparently Statins keep NHS costs down by reducing the incidence of strokes.

These are known to have side effects such as muscular weakness/pain, which can be dangerous.  Are such drugs causing conditions, which then require further drugs to remedy the effects.  Reminds me of the song “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly.”

It could be part of the reason that OAP’s, such as myself, walk out of the Chemists with carrier bags.


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