@BBCNews What is the software, which you say, protects us from identity theft?

Ridiculous piece on the BBC News about identity theft, through data farming on the internet.

E.g. I’m sure that every organisation in the country must know my mother’s maiden name by now.

The sign-off tells us that there are programs to protect ourselves but it doesn’t say what they are.

It can’t mean the usual software to protect yourself from viruses and hackers, because that doesn’t affect data-mining and data harvesting.

The reference to password’s is trite.

Practically every on-line site demands you have a password, before you can even look at their website. What’s the point of having a high level password for a site, which you are only browsing?

Where you are intending to give credit card details etc. then it’s worth contriving a high level password.

In that case you need a hard-copy back up, because there is no way that the average person will remember even one random 8-character password, using upper and lower case alphanumerics.

If the BBC thinks the item is of genuine concern, then it should cover anonymiser software and put pressure on Ministers to draw up legislation to make Banks more responsible for their being deceived by cases of identity theft.


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