Scam mails are delivered by the Royal Mail and passed by Customs. So long as Gov’t gets its cut, they’ll continue.

I’ve just watched a program about scammers, in case there was something new that I should be alert to.

There were two aspects that caused me concern: The HRMC scam and the cost to the Economy of of scammers in general.

The HRMC scam isn’t really that threatening just yet.

Few people would believe that HRMC would willingly inform them of overpaid tax and even fewer would believe that they’d expect an admin fee before paying it.

Unfortunately Our Government (and I no longer distinguish between which party is in office) is hell bent on privatising everything and I would not be at all surprised to find that tax refunds were being handled by a private company.

At one time, you could mail a letter to HRMC and in place of a stamp you would simply write O.H.M.S.

Maybe such a letter would get through but I doubt it.

If you have to ring them to tell them of a mistake on their part, you have to dial an 085- number and pay to be put on hold.

In view of this, it would be quite credible that at some future date (not too far off), you will find yourself being asked to pay an admin fee to get your own tax money back.

Thanks to privatisation mania, the Gov’t executive will be totally indistinguishable from the scammers.

The other aspect of concern is that it is estimated that the public are being scammed out of £3.5 billion p.a.

The victims are mainly pensioners; my personal worry is if this is a consequence of old age, rather than just old people desperate for cash, who have always been stupid.

That £3.5 billion, which is, mainly, departing these shores, is being lost to the economy.

A less obvious cost is that there is a flood of junk mail entering the country that has to be disposed of. Even if it’s recycled, it’s costing us money ferrying it around and disposing of it.

It occurs to me that these scam mailings are professionally printed and sent out in bulk.

As such, they must be readily identifiable and separable from other mail.

This should, particularly be the case of mail originating within this country, where the Post Office could be said to be colluding with these quasi-legal schemes.

It can’t be too difficult, or too expensive to separate out the majority of these mailings and incinerate them.

This needn’t be a big legal issue.

A quick enabling act, allowing magistrate’s to condemn mailings from obviously identical sources, coupled with an automatic letter identification system and database (similar to a face recognition system) should be able to keep on top of these scams.

Just as Customs Officers do a special check on parcels, originating in Columbia, they could sample mailings from specific sources, or with a particular appearance.

Obviously the problem is more complex, than outlined, but so is stopping the transmission of illegal substances.

If Authorities don’t try, they can’t succeed (although, as a politician might view it, they can’t fail, either).


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