@number10gov. Mr. Lansley should thank Mrs. Thatcher for gulling so many Council House owners.

Tories for the shirking classes? This is a letter that I sent to the D. Express.

If I had been content to join the housing list and secured a Council House and, if then, I’d ignored Margaret Thatcher’s blandishments to buy that Council House, I could have had a very comfortable lifestyle.

I could have afforded regular holidays abroad and a new car, every three years.

I’d have had no worries about mortgage repayment’s, negative equity or paying for cowboy traders to do property repairs.

If my house suffered flood, or storm damage, The Council would have found me temporary housing, whilst my home was brought back up to standard; no worries about trying to extract money from insurer’s desperately searching for exclusion clauses.

In fact I wouldn’t have had the worry of insurance, at all and there’d have been no decisions about risking going without house insurance to pay for a family holiday.

At the end of my days, I would be laughing at all those suckers, who had scrimped and saved, only to see their house seized by The Council to pay for their nursing home care.

Worse, according to regular newspaper articles, these Council run nursing homes are often actually death houses, run on such a tight budget that staff are underpaid, illiterate sociopaths, who will eat my food for me, whilst I suffer in agony from bedsores, infected by having to lie in my own faeces.

Unfortunately, I worked hard bought my own home, survived !5%  interest rates, holidayed at home, bought second hand cars and saw my eventual state pension being deliberately eroded by annual below inflation rate increments, by Governments of both left and right.

But I have a cunning plan to evade the Morton’s fork, wielded by Mr. Lansley.

I’ll sell my house and use the proceeds to find a cruise ship that’ll take me as a lifelong passenger.

Every want will be taken care of, I’ll see the World and never have to pay another bill.

When the money runs out, I’ll climb over the rail and achieve a sweeter and more merciful end than that wished for me by MP’s, so obsessed with allowing me to vote for who gets access to the Upper House trough.


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2 Responses to “@number10gov. Mr. Lansley should thank Mrs. Thatcher for gulling so many Council House owners.”

  1. Angela Wells Says:

    Yes totally agree,but when your money runs out you could always commit a crime end up in prison and never have to worry again about bills food and you could study at your leisure and get a degree while the rest of us law abiding citizens work full time and do evening classes we have to pay for.I am a pensioner and so fed up with the injustice in this country ,the bottom line is stop giving money to people who have never put into the British money pot and keep it for those that have charity begins in your own country,if you have no money to support yourself you can not enter our country for free hand outs and a state pension we could save billions just by adopting the Australian system.Sorry Mr cameron that i am a none smoking none drinking active pensioner who is going to live a bit longer than you want.

    • wiganshale Says:

      Don’t be sure that you’ll live a bit longer than Mr. Cameron wants.
      What do you think Care homes are for?

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