More football on terrestrial TV, please.

I enjoy watching football matches, including England Women’s games.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Euro matches, even England’s games, and I look forward to the enlarged version, next time around.

I found it depressing that some mean soul wrote in to moan about the airing of these infrequent football tournaments.

I suffer through:

Wimbledon and the Murray hype.

The almost never-ending England cricket score bores.

The numerous soap opera’s and their constantly hysterical , bewailing characters.

The seemingly unending variations of competitions programs, which rely on cheering-on and phone-voting the lame efforts of rank amateurs

The ridiculing of gullible no-hopers, who think air-time, on reality TV, is the route to a profitable TV career and celebrity status.

The never-ending repeats of the few programs that are actually good. (Every episode of Friend, Fools  and  The Simpsons, must have been aired about twenty,  or more, times). I find it depressing to tune into some programs, which are Twenty years old and have been repeated so many times that I could join in the reading the scripts.

There is very little TV that I can watch and I do resent those who would deny me what is probably no more than about 40 hours, on average, of TV football, per year

(“Match of the Day”, like Program Trailers, doesn’t count. )


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