Should a plea of insanity lead to a death sentence?

The recent story of Hannah Bonser gut-stabbing to death a 17-yr-old girl, who was walking through a park, highlights a problem with our present legal approach to psychiatric care.

Hannah Bonser immediately surrendered herself at a Mental Institution.

I note that (a) she surrendered herslf and (b) it wasn’t to the Police.

This is not the first of these cases of murder by people, who are then returned to a life of what appear’s to be pampered indulgence.

If the likes of Hannah Bonser are truly incurably insane, then why are they released into the civil population to strike at the innocent, in a manner, more random than any Al Quaeda fanatic?

If the State has decided that such people are too expensive to care for and that they are incurable , then why not show mercy to them and to Society, at large, and euthanise them.

If, as seems to be the Crown prosecution’s case, she is not insane (being a Sociopath is not necessarily a mental illness); if this was cold-blooded murder, simply to gain access to a comfortable life-style, then a Capital sentence would definitely be a deterrent to future brutal killings.


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