Saved for the Nation. Really? @Daily_Express

The Daily Express piece, on the National Trust, begins “tucked away in a remote corner of rural Norfolk sits……Oxburgh Hall”. The article lauds the fact that this building was “Saved for the Nation” and epitomises something that has irked me for some time.

The Nation consists of 60 million people but how many were aware of the existence of Oxburgh Hall, previously?

How many care?

How many will want to visit it?

How many will be allowed to visit it?

Am I, as a member of the Nation, allowed to sleep there?

Would I be allowed to have a tour and, if so would I have to pay more (I assume that I already pay for its upkeep, through taxation)?

Would I be allowed to view it?

Does it have a free car Park, or a regular bus Service?

Just which bit of the Nation has it been saved for?

Apparently we have lots of over-large, high maintenance houses (and they complain about welfare scroungers with five bed houses!!!), which have been “saved for the nation”.

Some have rare “masterpieces”, which have also been “saved for the Nation”.

If you know which “masterpiece” is housed in which private home, you can write a letter to the homeowners asking for an appointment to view it.


So many things are “saved for the nation”.

Winston Churchill’s letter’s, were being sold to some rich American collector, by his grandson, until they were “Saved for the Nation”.


His Grandson would rather have the cash but someone decided that we should provide it. Why? Put them on microfiche, or scan them, and flog them.

Our Government is flogging all significant State Assets but not these useless relics.

If Oxburgh Hall was in the centre of a large city, where many could see and visit it, then “S.f.t.n.” could be a valid argument.

If the masterpieces were on show in an Art Gallery in a major Urban centre, to be viewed by those, who might appreciate them (not me, I’m a phillistine)) then “S.f.t.n.” could be a valid argument.

If Churchill’s letter’s were on open display in Chartwell House, where members of The Churchill Society ( could view them, then “S.f.t.n.” could be a valid argument.

I’ve never seen The Crown Jewels but at least they are accessible to view.

I’ve visited Buckingham Palace and can see how the Nation benefits from its upkeep but how on earth can anyone claim that Oxburgh Hall and its ilk have been Saved for the Nation?


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