Privatised banks are of necessity corrupt. State banks don’t have to be.

When your sole aim is to make money, using money, it’s called gambling.

That’s why privatised banking attracts and employs the greedy and the feckless.

When your sole aim is to maintain the economy, it’s called management: ¬†As in managing one’s household budget. (Unfortunately, management is now construed to be giving orders, regardless of good sense, which is presumably part of the reason Banker’s bosses “don’t know” that their employees are corrupt. “I just told them to earn their bonuses”)

The trust, fusty, musty old book-keeping civil servant is the best type of manager, if you just want the books to balance and money spent wisely. The problem is that past Governments have tried to modernise the Civil Service by setting targets and bringing in Harvard business school training.

Recruit people who lack ambition and imagination. Recruit  nerds, people, who are happy to plod along, ensuring that bills are sent out and received in. Recruit people who are happy to know that their bosses consider them trustworthy. Recruit these people and have them running a nationalised banking service.



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