@Ed_Miliband ….Wigan Traffic Engineer: comment arising from protest letter (Wigan Observer) by a fellow victim.

A letter to the Editor of Wigan Observer:

I came across this letter in The Wigan Observer but I was unable to comment there, as you no longer seem to accept on-line comments.

It is probably a wise move in regards to this issue, as it would undoubtedly show that the only person, who thinks this attempt to raise the profile of the three storey high Belong Village (presumably it offers some benefit to the Council/councillors that the rest of us are unaware of), is a “Good Thing”, is Wigan’s Traffic Engineer; K.Hargreaves

 I’m equally sure that the majority of other respondents would, judging by comments that I’ve heard, be decidedly against this dangerous and inconvenient scheme of The “Wigan’s Traffic Engineer”.
In earlier letters to me, printed in my blog, his alleged reason, for this blocking of Miller’s Lane, was to divert traffic on to the traffic island, mentioned below.
He alleged that it would reduce traffic on Platt Street. (he no doubt has data to support this ludicrous claim, based on the afternoon of observations of the two yellow clad counters, who I saw lounging around the Miller’s Lane junction).
He further supported this scheme, by pointing out the six traffic accidents, in the previous three years that were adjacent to this junction.
Again he, by virtue of his special training and superior standing, was able to totally dismiss my concerns regarding the negotiability of his “improved” traffic route. (pictures etc. in previous blog posts.)
Getting to the point, the concerned resident who says that she has, in the last year, “seen 12 accidents and heard the screeching of brakes on numerous occasions to avoid more.”seems to accord with my own experience of having to do some sharp accelerating and braking to avoid mishap on this route, which, because of the bus stop and pelican crossing, at the previously used junction, was never a concern for anyone, except Mr. Hargreaves.
I’m copying this letter to my MP and my Councillor’s, in full confidence that they have absolutely no say in such issues, which seem to be decided by Wigan’s Traffic Engineer, without reference to any higher authority, except for the highly paid raising of Labour Councillor’s hands, when rubber stamping Mr. Hargreaves schemes.
For instance, the more recent issue of phoned payment of parking (I suggest it is meant to keep the plebs away from the Council Officers “Life Centre”) also seems to have been put in place by him, judging by the fact that he was the person who rebuffed the protests of another of your reader’s, who had insufficient income to warrant a credit card to pay by phone.
Was there any consultation of the users of the “Life Centre”?
Did any Councillor’s even voice a concern, assuming that they were aware of the decision being made?
New road is dangerous.
 I’m concerned about the redirected traffic from Millers Lane to the new road, now named Sherwood Way, near Sherwood Crescent. The residents who live in the Crescent met with people from the Council to discuss concerns about the new road being built, the new road went ahead despite those concerns. The Council’s interest I suppose was for the safety of the people who would be moving into the new Belong Village, but those who live in Sherwood Crescent are mostly elderly or disabled. Since the road was altered I have seen 12 accidents and heard the screeching of brakes on numerous occasions to avoid more. My husband is one of many who has to cross at the bottom of Sherwood Way on his mobility scooter which can some times be a nightmare. It’s a guessing game now for the pedestrians, as many motorists coming from Liverpool Road to the island at the entrance to Sherwood Way don’t indicate which direction they are going and the bend in the road at Millers Lane makes it difficult to see traffic travelling from Abram. Something really needs to be done quickly before there is a fatal accident.
 Name and address supplied.

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