Wigan Council’s “Borough Life” . All hype and no useful action

I’ve just got my latest edition of “Borough Life”, The Labour Council’s self publicising magazine, which we pay for.

The first item is a complaint about people parking across a home-owner’s car access (fully paid up with Council H marking). Typical response: The usual Pontius Pilate bit followed by “Yes it’s a shame that some people don’t know the law”.

Rubbish! they know the law and they know it’s not enforced.

If I were in charge of the Council, I’d tell the home owner to give us the registration of the vehicle (better still a photo, in situ) and we, (the Council) would enforce proceedings to charge the ignorant sod with Obstruction.

If the Police know that this is Council policy they’d respond to calls to deal with such obstructions and they’d end.

Next up, there’s a complaint about litter on a canal walk.

Again typical reponse: “It’s a shame that a few ignorant people spoil it for the rest of YOU”.

I’d have had pix of the cleaner’s that I’d had sent out the following day and a pic of a patrol warden, whose job it would be to call out cleaner’s, as required, so the public wouldn’t have cause to make complaints.

These weaselly responses are immediately followed by Baron Smith of Leigh’s column, with the opening statement: “Providing value for money and maintaining services to our community are Wigan Council’s key priorities” ..

Here’s me thinking that their key priority is to get their expense claims in and¬†preventing anyone investigating the details of them.

I hope you’re into re-cycling, because nearer the end, after all the Olympic hype and feel-good stories (not created by the Council but associated with, by context) there’s a warning about the re-cycling police coming to “educate” you.

If you fail this GCSE then “enforcement action will be considered”


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