We come into the World with nothing and Lord Warner aims to ensure you leave it the same way

Letter to the Daily Express, referring to an article generated by the flurry of concern about how comedian, Jimmy Carr ( a commoner) exploited tax avoidance measures meant for the 1%.

I agree with Stephen Pollard that joined-up Government would be a “Good Thing”, but I’m sure that he also realises that such will never come to pass.
Even while, on P.14, he’s clarifying the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion;
Even while he’s explaining how tax avoidance is caused by the spaghetti of Tax Laws (which create the Tax experts that mine the legislation to find the requisite loopholes), we see Government lurching in the opposite direction.
On p.25, we find that Lord Warner, of the Dilmot Commission, wants to create a Death Tax. Ignoring the fact that most of us pay enough tax during our lifetimes to warrant a little care on our death bed, he wants to seize any assets that the dead may have left behind.
The would-be heirs can’t have the solace of finally paying off student loans, mortgages or funeral expenses.
The Noble Lord has a better (Euro loans?) use for the assets of the lower classes.
However! I would hazard a guess that this Noble Lord can afford his own tax expert(s) and has already taken appropriate advice over “avoidance” of inheritance tax, which can easily be extended to cover a  death tax.
I’m sure other loopholes will have ensured that he will be able to afford to die with dignity, in comfort, with ready access to bed pans, and without worrying about the bailiffs stepping over his coffin to seize his bric-a-brac.

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