If Assange ends up in a U.S. court, will this prove fuel for the conspiracy theorists?

I don’t know whether, or not, Assange is guilty, as charged but I’m not eager to see the Swedish courts hand him over to The U.S. Government..

The truth is that as long as any Government tries to keep secrets, either to protect us from panicking, to track down terrorists (quite an elastic term), or to prevent us from finding out that they are scum of the highest rank, we will want to dig out the truth.

It’s obvious that the FOI act doesn’t actually enable us to find out the truth for ourselves, so like The Police we need informer’s.

We need people like Assange, who aren’t bound by Official Secret’s Acts, or D-notices.

I’m aware that there are conspiracy nuts out there but there wouldn’t be so many if we had no cause to think that people in power weren’t capable of such conspiracies.

I listen to the conspiracy nuts, support the concept of Occupy protests ¬†and Assange’s Wiki-leaks, because I want to be alert to that one conspiracy that might actually harm me.

That may seem paranoid but as a post-war child, I was brought up knowing that those who were paranoid got out of Nazi Germany and escaped the fate, which awaited the more rational.


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