24 hour injunctions,Traveller’s, Chief Constable’s, Theresa May act in concert to make the Police look stupid.

This is the version of my letter to the Express:

Tricky travellers outsmart police time and time again

AN old saying goes: “Fool me once,; shame on you, fool me twice; shame on me”.

$o how many times must our police be made to look like buffoons before the Home Secretary tells chief constables, to get their act together and stop making the law look inept (“Travellers move in after naive’ police takedown barriers to keep them out”, June 19)? .

Travellers often occupy land at weekends in the knowledge that council officers are either unable or not bothered enough to get an injunction to remove them.

Often only bigger, private firms, those geared up to a seven-day-a week operation, are smart enough to respond quickly to this sort of nuisance but I wonder if the officers that moved the railings to allow the travellers back knew it.

┬áIn any case, the logic of a having a “quit within 24 hours” notice deadline seems ridiculous to me.

It shouldn’t take a` lot for the Home Secretary_ to ensure that deadline includes bank holidays and for chief constables to stop kowtowing to antisocial menaces.

It must have been considered pretty right-wing, because it’s substantially the same as my original:

The saying is “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”.
How many times can our Police be made to look like buffoons, before The Home Secretary issues instructions to Chief Constables on how to avoid traveller’s making The Law look totally inept.
It has been printed in past cases that Traveller’s have occupied land on the weekend, knowing that Council Officer’s would not be able, or concerned enough, to get an injunction to remove them.
As such an injunction can only be granted within 24 hours, only large private companies, which are geared up to to a 7-day week, with a legal team on hand, are quick enough to respond to this nuisance.
Did the Police, who ordered the removal of playing field railings, to allow the Traveller’s to turn around (!), know this?
Did Local Official’s know?
Did anyone, in authority, think to tell those affected?
In any case the logic of a 24-hour deadline seems to be falsified and it shouldn’t take much effort, or Parliamentary debate, for The Home Secretary to push through the necessary legislation to extend the deadline to encompass Bank Holiday’s and those Chief Constable’s, who insist on their men kow-towing to these anti-social menaces.

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