@the_tpa reduce Council Officer wages by giving them Civil Service rankings.

The header says it all.

At present, Council Officers are in control of the Council’s and “advise” Councillor’s of appropriate levels of pay.

They have a situation where ratcheting is rife and, because the only way to achieve relevant experience is by working for this closed community, even those who have been found incompetent (or worse) by one Council, may be deemed the most suitable candidate for a better paid post at another Council.

We even have the situation where Groups of Councils are setting up their own quangoes, hiring other Council trained staff to provide Seminars, teach-ins  and various jollies.

I suspect that these quangoes are publicly funded, through fees that they charge themselves and each other, whilst maintaining Charity status, because any profit goes into paying the salaries of these jobs for the boys.

Bearing in mind that these people are often not only earning more than the P.M. but possibly more than the Cabinet Secretary, it would be appropriate to carry out an exercise whereby salary scales, applicable to Civil Service posts, were applied to these localised Civil Service posts.

I’m sure we would see such salariy levels plummet, especially, if related to local conditions e.g. removal of the London allowance.

The problem of finding suitably experienced candidates could be overcome by allowing Government Civil Servants being able to move, temporarily, or permanently, into Local Government postings.

As Government Civil Servants tend to be high calibre candidates, particularly in comparison with those gaining entrance to Council posts, there would be improved governance at local level.


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