@bbcsml If a church objects to gay marriage then why should non-members be allowed to insist on it.

I, personally, have no objection to Gay marriage.

I have some some qualms about envisioning how gay men consumate their love but in this day and age that’s my problem.

The ban on gay marriage by a church is not my concern.    I am not a regular church-goer.    I do not belong to that “club” and that is what churches are……clubs.

All clubs have membership restrictions and separate restrictions on admission to their premises.

Islamic churches can be extremely antagonistic to Gay activities

(the only reasons that I no longer object to this abuse of the word “gay” are that it no longer means carefree and the alternative word “homosexual” takes longer to type).

Islamic and Mormon churches allow polygamy.

Protestant churches and Islamic churches abhor the use of idolatrous images and prayer to them.

Almost all modern day churches (I use the word church as opposed to Religion, because all Religions seem to have factions (churches), where someone has added his own edicts and strictures to that of the original teacher (Jesus,Moses, Mohammed etc.) have forbidden the killing of one’s fellow man but this last points out the problem with Churches.

Churches are just clubs, within a wider community.

A church has the right to forbid certain practices, including gay marriage, within its domain.

A church does not have the right to lay down law within the community, as a whole, even, as in the case of oil-rich, Saudi Arabia, where it controls the Government of its wider community.

The wider community should be and usually is (otherwise it is referred to as a totalitarian state) able to over-ride the decree’s of a church.

Mormons cannot legally have multiple wives in the USA, even though individuals may in practice have family units, which are effectively polygamous marriages.

Churches may forbid  admission to people wearing hats, or shoes, but they can not prevent Police or Soldiery ignoring these strictures.

They may forbid murder but The State can still shove a gun into the hands of its members and insist that they use it.

Following this line of logic, I side with Church members who refuse to allow Gay marriage.

Their club, their rules.

The State allows them Civil marriage and that’s all that they are entitled to.


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