Someone sort out the future direction of IT in the home, so I can tell which trend to follow.

I’ve struggled through creating Fortran programs, using punched cards, mastering the slide rule and successive calculators, including graphic pack versions, typed in Zx80 progs, learned C programming, become adept at writing progs in BBC Basic and even BBC assembler, coped with window’s 3.1,95,98SE and Vista.

I’ve switched from betamax to vhs to cd-rom to dvd (+-r, wr)and hard drives.

I’ve survived a deluge of technological innovation and adapted pretty well but I’m getting older and having to learn how to drive new software and hardware is coming up at an extremely accelerating pace.

You’ll note that I’ve missed out on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Blu-ray.

These changes are coming faster than I can find a use for, let alone adapt to.

Right now I’m in a limbo, considering the next step and trying to choose where I will invest my time and energy learning to drive new machinery.

I’m ready to jump ship from Virgin Media’s overpriced “bundle’s” but I have to see how Mobiles, touchpads, tablets, iphone’s, ipad’s laptop’s and cloud computing wil best match my needs with a minimum investment in cash and re-training effort.

I tried looking at a forum discussing a Windows8 pre-release.

I gleaned that “apps.” are simply “progs.” but there are references that only those, who’ve gained intimate familiarity with touch screen devices, could understand.

I did learn that some loved windows8 and others loathed it.

Some thought it too geared to touch screens, having lost features necessary for desktop usage.

Some felt it was caught between three stools, failing to fit desktops, touchscreens or cloud computing.

Some suggested that it had ripped off Ubuntu features and used them poorly.

These are young techies, without decades of R/RW programming in their heads.

Clean slates, fully immersed in the IT of today, and they can’t form a consensus on where to invest their learning skills.

What hope have I got?


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