@number10gov Harvesting on-the-spot fines to pay for a private police force is an abrogation of political responsibility.

The first section, below, is a letter to the Daily Express, in  response to an article on Traveller encampment’s.

In declaring his aversion to vigilantism, your political commentator, Ross Clark, has coincidentally stated a truth about the effect of successive Governments’ refusal to perform their function of protecting the people from criminality.

The phrase that “Nature abhors a vacuum” is a self-evident truth and can be witnessed in the case, which he discusses, involving the exploitation of a lack of adequate law enforcement vis-à-vis Traveller’s.

I’m sure that there are many, who have witnessed cases, where vigilantism has been effective in resolving such problems. My own instance was of the sudden appearance of an encampment on a field, which I passed on my daily commute.

After a few weeks it disappeared, leaving behind the usual piles of detritus and waste.

A few days later the field was surrounded by an earthen rampart, preventing repeat occupation. (most open spaces, in this area, are now surrounded by railings or ramparts, reflecting the siege mentality of local residents).

 Pupils informed me that locals, blaming a coincidental rise in thefts and damage on the Traveller’s, had besieged and stoned the camp, forcing the overnight departure.

This deplorable behaviour, which could have resulted in serious injuries to traveller’s, would have been avoided, if Government functioned as it should.

I did not send this second section as I knew they wouldn’t publish it:

There are Government functions, which can not be privatised.

An increase in offences which will be subject to on-the-spot fines may be a way towards funding private police forces in the leafy suburbs inhabited by Government Ministers.

However, for many inner city locales, where on-the-spot fines would be difficult to harvest, vigilantism and organised crime gangs will move in, as they have done in The States, which is where this political doctrine  (i.e. privatisation,  i.e the selling-off of State functions and assets) has originated.

Version actually printed in Daily Express:

Government needs to act now over travellers issue.                                                                                                              IN declaring his aversion to vigilantism, (“This brave farmer has stood up for the rights of us all”, June 15) your columnist Ross Clalk highlights the fact that successive Governments have refused to take action on the issue of travellers setting up camps without permission. There is no adequate law enforcement against travellers and this resulted in farmer Dave Dawson having to force the travellers off his land himself. My own experience of travellers was of the sudden appearance of an encampment on a field I passed each day. It later disappeared, leaving behind the usual detritus.


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