Russia:forwards attacking at pace and finding spaces between back-pedalling defenders, is the best way to win games.

I picked up two points from the Russia v Czech game.

First, when the attack became stalemated, a midfielder would come through at speed and the ball would be teed up for him to either shoot or carry through the defence.

Second and more significant was that their lone, front man, instead of playing down the centre, where he could be neutralised by two defenders, ran along the right hand gutter.

This meant that he only had to deal with one defender.

The other defender couldn’t move so far across and any decent attacker will get through to a shooting chance more often.

The counter would be to put more players in defence, weakening midfield and attack.

The further advantage to this, is that extra attacker’s, coming at pace, would find open spaces with defender’s having to not only run, facing the wrong way, but trying to gauge where to run to.

Balls down the middle, rarely work, especially where a target man is used to lay balls off, because the defenders can hold position more easily.


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