U.S. T.V. progs show life where 1% have privatised everything. Pottersville, USA.

I’ve just watched an episode of “law and order”.

There were two obscene situations that were used as story threads and which appear to be taken as “normal” in The States. One situation was based on how teacher’s were treated by the authorities responsible for them.

Because the U.S. has a litigious society, Education Authorities, being on a fixed budget, avoid lawsuits by suspending teacher’s as first response to any accusation.

The teachers’ lives are ruined for such misdemeanour’s as raising a hand towards a pupil’s face (no contact), for uttering remarks, which the pupil misinterprets as a personal slight etc.

The situation, in this country, is moving in that direction. It is happening because our politicians are emulating American ideology.

First; schools are to be privatised and therefore isolated from the centralised legal and insurance service, which presently provided under a national Education System. I.e. they can’t afford, under limited budgets, to defend themselves against malicious lawsuits.

Second; Solicitor’s are allowed to advertise and offer “no win, no fee” lawsuits, which are invariably uncontested and therefore lucrative to amoral lawyers. The easy pickings encourage ever more ludicrous claims, with Education authorities offering up teachers as sacrificial lambs.

A similar theme occurs with the privatisation of hospitals but that aspect didn’t crop up in this program.

What did crop up was the case of a Chief of Police, presumably earning a good salary, but unable to get medical insurance to cover a life threatening condition.

Unable to pay for her treatment, she was under a death sentence, until friends, colleagues and, even, her employers stumped up the readies.

Most would consider a Chief of Police to be a useful (though that should not be a prime criterion) and normative member of Society.

She was, nevertheless,  condemned to death by an uncaring political system, which does not believe in a National Health Service.

A situation, accepted by Americans as natural in a country where rich politicians promote the “pioneering spirit” that made the country strong.

A country where Darwinism is condemned by Religious Zealots, but, in a perverted form, is the basis of their political creed. I.e. survival of the fittest (rich) and the weak(poor) go to the wall.

At present we have a National Health Service, because a generation,  who had born the brunt of two World Wars, decided that it wasn’t moral for the 1% to abuse them this way.

They voted into power men of principle (the Old Labour party), who set up a National Health Service and a State Pension Service to ensure that the 99% were treated decently by The State.

They rejected the politics of the 1%, represented by Winston Churchill, who would have rebuilt the slums (which Hitler had destroyed) and an old age of destitution, redeemed by an early death from sickness and injury.

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