@Daily_Express Protestor’s are a consequence of bad governance

I agreed with practically all of the sentiments expressed by your Social Commentator, Susi Boniface, on Britain’s relaxed legal response to drug dealer’s.

I was a little concerned about her reference to an under-funded Police Force being kept from dealing with the problem, by having to deal with “Whistle-blowers and protestor’s”.

First; This implies that it is simply a policing problem rather than a problem of Kenneth Clarke cum Prison accommodation.

Second; it seems to imply that “Whistle-blowers and protestor’s” are a cause of the problem rather than a response to and consequence of the bad governance that has allowed this and similar problems to grow and fester.

It may be that I read too much into her statement but it indicates a need for commentator’s to adhere more firmly to their theme, or, if they digress, to be clearer on their implied sentiments.


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