#Occupy Politicians on High salaries, e.g. Baroness Warsi, aren’t corrupt or incompetent, they just have “oversights”

Baroness Warsi’s defence to allegations of corruption is that she was right to claim expenses for her free accommodation, because she paid it to another tenant, who was living rent-free.

Presumably she didn’t check that this person had no right to collect rents and she didn’t ask for a rent book, or any formal proof to support her expenses claim and no-one had asked for such proof

(The new guardians’ guardian’s, set up to prevent further political corruption over expense claims, would appear to be a waste of taxpayer money, if they don’t ask for receipts).

She claims that she had declared rental income on a London flat to various bodies, as she should, but that failure to declare it on The Lords’ register of interest’s (where a nosey reporter might have picked up on it) was an oversight.

These people are paid enormous salaries (by the standards of the average voter), which they justify by claiming that this is the only means of ensuring the recruitment of personnel, who don’t make “oversight’s”.

The promotion of Baroness Warsi, by D.Cameron, without checking her integrity, seems an “oversight by those, who recommended her and engaged her.

The failure to ask for proof of her right to claim expenses appears to be an “oversight”.

Government appears to be riddled with Highly paid people, who are incessantly guilty of “oversight’s” and who will excuse this “oversight”, because as the saying goes “if we don’t hang together, we’ll all hang separately”.


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