If we don’t shed 19th Century politics, we’ll all be stuffed. @Daily_Express

The purpose of Capitalism is to finance new business’s.

The purpose of new business’s is to make and sell their wares for profit.

These business’s need customers. We need these business’s to provide employment, so that we can earn wages to buy stuff.

Without these business’s we would have no money.

Welfare payments allow us to stay within the Law and buy stuff.

Without Welfare payments, we would have to take stuff.

If we are taking stuff instead of buying it, then business’s will fail and there will be no return on capital.

The Capitalist’s would have to join us in taking stuff, except nobody would be making the stuff.

We’d all be stuffed.

If the Moneymen and their acolytes don’t like welfare scroungers then they need to give us jobs.

The political system’s of the last century no longer work, because the computer age has drastically reduced the reliance on labour, which is now a much smaller component of business costs.

Consequently the private sector no longer provides sufficient jobs to keep the whole population in employment.

The State sector has been providing employment with public sector workers but now the moneymen are looking at these jobs and telling politicians to get rid of them.

This is known as Austerity politics and is stupidity based on greed. (an analogy would be the owner of a shipping line, ordering that the ship be lightened by getting rid of the crew.)

If the moneymen wish to continue living off the backs of the rest of us, then they need to give us our “bread and circuses”, instead of defying us to seize them (a lesson not learned by the aristocrats of France and Russia but well known to the Caesar’s).

How can it be done?

Replace welfare payments by wages.

Re-open Remploy sites and use that philosophy to employ others.

We have plastic coppers to supplement real policemen.

Do the same with all the other services.

Boy scouts get merit badges for learning skills that might prove useful. Conscript teenagers and teach them skills ranging from emergency service auxiliaries, to foreign language tour guides (Olympics could have used them) and clerical skills to enable small business’s to access free services to comply with the red tape that’s throttling them.

The number of socially useful (but, alas non-profit making) jobs, which are possible, are only limited by imagination.

We are the most CCtV dominated country in the World but who’s watching the monitor’s?

Why not employ the housebound to visually patrol their neighbourhoods, coastlines, etc. to watch for people and property, in need of assistance?

Re-open Libraries and install computer terminals for retired professionals to carry out research work for business’s, on a no-fee basis.

Companies need doormen etc. then let them be a State paid self selected corps.

Providing people are allowed some choice in what they do and when they do it, there shouldn’t be any serious objection.

You could even operate some sort of work points scheme, along the lines of flexitime, governed by the same sort of pricing system as betting exchanges use.

Politicians pay themselves Big Money to allegedly resolve problems, not to just preside over them.


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