@TheGreenParty. Chinese motorists want to kill the planet !!!

A report in Fullermoney, on a speech about Copper prices being likely to rise, gave this little snippet:

For example, China is already the world’s largest automobile   manufacturer, while 26% of Chinese questioned in a recent survey said they would   be purchasing a new car in the next six months – this can’t happen, as there  aren’t that many cars available, – but it does demonstrate the potential.

I’m getting p****d off by the we-know-best brigade telling me that they are only making my life difficult, by trying to force the British motorist onto public transport, in order to “save the planet”.

Now I find that even if every motorist in Britain trashed their cars tomorrow, it wouldn’t make a halfpennyworth of difference to the planet’s well being, because Chinese motoring will swamp our feeble efforts.

Actually, Chinese demand for Petrol will probably have a more significant effect on British motorists than all the wailings of Green Puritan’s in this Country.

Worst! the Puritan’s will be rejoicing at this and claiming it as a moral victory for their team.

My only consolation will be that when they want to take a trip out to the Cotswolds, from their leafy London suburbs, they’ll find that they’ll have to try using public transport.

(Won’t affect me. I’ll probably be doped up to my eyeballs in a Council-Run Couldn’t-Care-Less Home).


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