#Occupy. Thatcher’s children need to wake up to what life will be like when they hit 50

I came across a dialogue between some of Thatcher’s children and a Socialist. They were espousing the usual Tory views on the The Welfare System:

The unemployed need to look for work. There’s plenty available, despite wholsale unemployment figures.

You can keep the NHS for the poor, we just want to be able to buy decent health care for ourselves.

Just typical Eloi / Cowslip mentality.

I wrote this bit to them:

There have always been shirkers, with, or without, a Welfare State.

Problem with going down the privatisation route is that it’s only works for those who are young, fit and with skills, or attributes that are marketable to the rich.

I had a colleague (Tory) with your attitudes.

He quickly learned the value of a Welfare State, when BUPA told him that they no longer wished to have him as a customer.

I have known others, who worked hard, looking forward to a State pension, only to find it privatised and then find the pension Company declare bankruptcy.  

 Enjoy the high life of the boss’s man, while you’re young and able but pray that the Welfare safety net is there to protect you, later in life.

It’s a pity that none of Thatcher’s children chatted to their grand-parents about life in the 1900 to 1940 era, before the Welfare State was born.

It’s a pity that they haven’t seen that the Welfare State wasn’t stifled at birth, only because the 1% were scared of a populace returning from a bloody conflict were ripe for a Communist revolution.

It’s a pity that they can’t see that the death of the Welfare State is following the collapse of The Communist States and the threat that they represented to the lifestyle of the 1%




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